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External Communications Executive





top ^ - Developer and Onsite Technician

Required: A rare blend of confidence and maturity, software development skills, interpersonal skills, enthusiasm for travel, and willingness to assume personal responsibility. LiveBuzz provide the Visitor Management and Registration for Conferences and Exhibitions across the Globe. At these events we rely on Onsite Technicians to set up registration and badging systems. Sometimes this technician is part of a wider LiveBuzz team, sometimes they are on their own. As well as setting up systems they will be liaising with the Event Organisers (our clients) dealing with requests and managing those relationships. The candidate will also be a Software Developer with enormous potential to develop those skill sets further. They will sit among our Software Development team where they create registration forms and systems, deal with queries and assist with product development.

The candidate must have a base level and demonstrable knowledge of:
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • HTML / CSS
  • JavaScript

Additional programming skills will be an advantage. This is not a '9-5 job', there will be week long periods of working away from home, but LiveBuzz is an exciting and fun place to work. LiveBuzz is growing fast and as such offers fantastic career progression for talented employees. At LiveBuzz the successful candidate will also have access a monthly massage and weekly Yoga sessions. LiveBuzz is situated in the lovely Earlsdon area of Coventry, benefiting from the wonderful selection of restaurants, bars, sandwich shops, smoothie bars, and ice-cream parlours.

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top ^ - External Communications Executive

Creating the Buzz!

LiveBuzz is looking for a fun loving, funky and upbeat professional with an interest in pursuing a career in communications and branding to help the company retain, build and grow its high profile brand. The LiveBuzz brand represents excellence, innovation, fun, integrity, customer service, caring culture, reliability, trust, professionalism and expertise.

We are looking for a talented personality driven professional to help us maintain and grow our band profile and help us grow our culture. Key to the role will be the ability of candidate to write and create commercial grade content and copy with personality. We don’t want to be too corporate or dour.

Ideally this will be a first or second role for a candidate looking to build a role focused on external communications, social media, branding. The candidate needs to evidence a track record or hard work and achievement. Ideally the candidate will be able to demonstrate and evidence and track record of Blogging, Vlogging and use of social media.

The role is primarily contents and process lead.  It is not a marketing strategy role. The candidate will be supported by the MD’s and based out of LiveBuzz’s coventry office.

Ideally the applicant would have a passion or hobby and could evidence time spent blogging and vloging about it.  Confident with social media channels and traditional media with is required.   The role also involves good organisational skills and the ability to implement and follow processes.

  • Demonstrable evidence of ability to write commercial grade content and copy, such as Blogs, Press Releses, Social Posts.
  • Ideally but not necessarily a graduate.
  • Will accept applications from Arts, Humanities, indeed all degrees not just Business and Marketing candidates.
  • Work experience an advantage.

High Level

  • Ensuring the industry is aware of LiveBuzz’s uniques capabilities.
  • That our brand and its values is known and understood within our target markets
  • That our key differentiators are communicated and recognised
  • That internally we nurture our culture and encourage and support the growth of our LiveBuzz team.
  • That our products and services are packaged and well defined.
  • Embed and define our culture, values and propragate content and activities to ensure we are living them.


  • Creation of case studies
  • Collation of testimonials
  • Award Entry submissions
  • Social Media broadcasts - following set processes and adding new ideas.
  • Maintaining and collation of content for marketing collaterals
  • Creating content for product / services offered gas
  • Construction of press releases.
  • Construction of news letter content (not design) when required
  • Assistance and input into Exhibitings activities with supporting communication campaigns
  • Assistance and input into marketing campaigns
  • Assistance and input into advertising campaingns
  • Assistance and input into company branding

The role is primarily contents and process lead. It is not a marketing strategy role.

The perfect candidate
  • Fun. Upbeat. Quirky. Confident. Optomistic. Great with the written word.
  • Disciplined and process driven
  • Creative thinker
  • Willing to do things differently - not overtly corporate
  • A personal passion or interest in a hobby or subject which they have written about or Blogs about or raised awareness about.
  • A desire to enter and grow a role centered around external communications and branding in the exciting world of events with a fast growing and exciting company.
  • A willingness to learn and just try things.  To get under the teeth of some complex issues and subjects.
  • Willingness to take photographs and learn about videography.

The candidate will be given support from Justin Craig - joint MD of LiveBuzz

Are you the right person? - email your CV to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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