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What’s fresh today is old tomorrow. Constant innovation and R&D allow LiveBuzz to remain at the cutting edge of event registration services. Uniquely, LiveBuzz’s registration processes can link with LiveBuzz’s Event Web System modules, to create stunningly interactive event websites.

More than excellent software

LiveBuzz know it isn’t enough to simply have the best registration software. Our services are supported by experienced and dedicated account managers. It is our perfect blend of innovation, excellent software, experienced team and onsite delivery that sets us apart from our competitors.

So, explore the opportunities, contact LiveBuzz now to tailor your registration process and discover how we can add value to your event. Select from the list of registration services to shoot to the information you are looking for, or scroll down to journey through our full range.


Hosted in the cloud, LiveControl is a powerful tool, allowing real-time reporting on your event, multilingual support, social registration integration and much more.

Easy List-Building & Querying

LiveControl's impressive querying tools allow you to drill down into your data. Easily create segmented lists using the demographics of your data.

Use these lists directly on our INTEGRATED e-marketing tool. No more uploading and importing into third party e-mail tools. Perfect for Event Marketing managers looking to increase Pre-Registration conversions to attendees.


Personalised Email Marketing

Highly personalised emails, sent to potentially hundreds of different audience segments, are now just a click away. The email builder tool allows organisers to build their email in modular form and to determine which sections of the email are seen by which segments of their target audience. In addition, it requires no coding knowledge.

Any organiser can use this tool to design a completely bespoke email, featuring blocks of text and imagery, each of which can have an audience filter applied to them. Once you hit send, the tool will assemble each individual email as per those filters. That means that ten different people could see ten different versions of what is essentially the same email.

Across the marketing industry, personalisation is a concept which is widely understood but difficult to achieve. Our software allows event organisers and marketers to create genuinely personalised e-shots easily and effectively, saving themselves huge amounts of time and effort.


Conferences & Payments

LiveBuzz manages payments for conferences and public events around the world. With millions of pounds worth of transactions completed securely every year, LiveBuzz has the capacity to safely manage payments for any size event.

Boasting global expertise and experience, LiveBuzz are well positioned to process international payments and multi-currencies.

Payment Integration

LiveBuzz can integrate with numerous popular payment gateways and utilise your Merchant Account. Alternatively, clients can choose to use our merchant accounts. We offer a full financial management package including invoicing and credit control.

LiveControl API Cloud

Responsive Web Registration Pages

All our web registration pages (as with our websites) are built using responsive principles, subject to client requirements. Responsive design allows web forms to work intuitively on all viewing devices such as smart phones, tablets etc.

Visitors can register on their phones, walk into the venue and collect their badges.

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mobile registration pages

Global Expertise

LiveBuzz operates around the world; experts in delivering economically viable, best of breed registration in even the most demanding of geographical locations.

Freight Friendly Registration

A lightweight registration service featuring state-of-the-art hardware, that allows us to offer professional registration services anywhere in the world without large freight costs.


Data Management & Integration

Your Data is the Lifeblood of Your Event

We work with you to maximise the value of your event data. Firstly establishing your requirements, we will help you capture the right data. We can integrate with your systems in real-time.

LiveBuzz are data experts

LiveBuzz understand that all organisers or publishers needs are different. Whatever your needs are we can help.

LiveControl API Cloud

Secure Data Storage

Our registration servers handle hundreds of thousands of registrations a year. Our servers have industry-leading SSL certificate management and malware scanning.

Data is kept secure with 256-bit encryption. You can rest assured that your visitor, delegate and exhibitor data is in safe hands.


On-Site Registration & Badging

LiveBuzz have mastered the onsite registration experience. With a range of queue-busting techniques, we help organisers ensure their front of house runs flawlessly. Our continued investment in the latest hardware combined with our experience really creates the best first impression for your visitors.

LiveBuzz managed over 30,000 attendees. Registration managed the queues excellently, badging over 6,000 people in the first hour of the event.

Linda Sutton, FESPA Digital

Badging Workstation

LiveBuzz Kiosk

Print your own badges for smaller events, with less than 500 visitors. The system allows you to print colour badges using ink jet or laser printers and works both online and offline.

The LiveBuzz Kiosk system is excellent for my event when I have less than 500 delegates. I use it all over the world and it helps me deliver a professional experience at low cost.

Suzanne Tiago
Group Marketing Manager, TOC Events Worldwide

Print your own badge

LiveBuzz is an award winning provider of Event Registration, Event Websites and Event Staffing.