Exhibitor Hub

Seamless exhibitor journey

People are 10% more likely to attend events, when they’re invited by exhibitors. Fact. We have the data to back this up.

Our team obsesses over insight like this. LiveBuzz invests time and expertise creating tools for Exhibitors that make essential, and often overlooked tasks, like inviting people, so much easier. All in one, convenient place. 

Everything your Exhibitors, Partners and Sponsors need to do, in preparation for exhibiting, is in their Exhibitor Hub:

  • Invite clients & prospects; trackable personalised URLs, QR code and email template
  • Create company profile and upload news, products & videos
  • Register stand personnel
  • Access marketing materials
  • Activate SmartScan lead generation app and access leads, in real-time.

Exhibitor Hub

Exhibitor reports

Real-time Data & Reporting

We know how busy your marketing team is. Which is why we’ve designed Exhibitor reports and custom filters that provide an overview of tasks completed by exhibitors and what’s outstanding.

Digital Content

Company Profile

Gone are the days when your exhibitors need to jump between multiple systems and suppliers to prepare for your show. With LiveBuzz, Exhibitors just submit their Company profile once, and our Content Modules do the rest – distributing digital exhibitor content to pre-registered visitors and attendees engaged with your event.

Case Studies

A little insight into how we’ve helped