Highly personalised emails, sent to potentially hundreds of different audience segments, are now just a click away for event organisers, thanks to LiveBuzz’s sophisticated new Dynamic Email Builder tool.

The tool allows organisers to build their email in modular form and to determine which sections of the email are seen by which segments of their target audience. In addition, using the email builder requires no coding knowledge, making it far more user-friendly than the previous email builder.

The tool, which has been in development for the past three months, is now available to all clients who are using LiveBuzz’s LiveControl system.

Luke Ellis, Head of Development at LiveBuzz, explained: “Any organiser can now use this tool to design a completely bespoke email, featuring blocks of text and imagery, each of which can have an audience filter applied to them. Once you hit send, the email builder will assemble each individual email as per those filters. That means that three different people could see three different versions of what is essentially the same email.”

“When you consider how many permutations exist for the different ways that the audience filters can be combined, you could feasibly have dozens, if not hundreds, of different versions of the same email being created by the tool. The extent of the email customisation available is incredible. Yet as far as the email builder is concerned, it’s still just one email, meaning that all the usual email analytics will be available in one place.”

The ability to send different versions of the same email to highly targeted audience segments creates a raft of new commercial possibilities for organisers who can now sell advertising and sponsorship opportunities on their visitor emails.

The email builder also features responsive design, meaning that the emails it sends will display correctly on all types of device.

Commenting on the launch of the new tool, Justin Craig, Joint Managing Director at LiveBuzz, said: “Across the marketing industry, personalisation is a concept which is widely understood but difficult to achieve. The Dynamic Email Builder tool allows event organisers and marketers to create genuinely personalised e-shots easily and effectively, saving themselves huge amounts of time and effort.  As it is fully integrated with LiveBuzz’s LiveControl system, organisers can easily segment lists directly from their show data and use the tool to send targeted communications, effortlessly.”