Case Study

DTX + UCX Europe

Pilot - Exhibitor Lead Scoring and Classification for improved Exhibitor ROI

It is known within the industry that sales leads are often not processed by exhibitors in a timely manner which can cause the quality of leads to degrade as the time between lead capture and follow up increases.


Classifying leads

This is why LiveBuzz and Clarion joined forces on DTX + UCX Europe 2022 to introduce exhibitors to a new, automated method of scoring and classifying leads, designed to expediate the lead qualification process.

Commenting on the pilot, James McGough, MD at Clarion Events said, “Every exhibitor at DTX + UCX Europe 2022 benefitted from digital real-time lead generation using the LiveBuzz SmartScan app. But many exhibitors are not effective with their post-show follow up processes, particularly when marketing and sales teams are stretched. As organisers, its essential that we can demonstrate ROI and so we’ve been working with LiveBuzz to develop a lead-scoring process which helps our exhibitors to prioritise their hottest leads based on a number of selection criteria. With this information we expect to influence and improve the number of deals done from our shows, and in turn we are targeting improvements to rebook, retention and NPS more actively.”

What makes the LiveBuzz method so effective is that all the event data resides in its event registration platform, LiveControl, enabling the system to calculate scores based on the lead’s individual profile, as well as their behaviour at the event.